RefresHer Retreats & Webinars


Sign up for my free 60 minute webinar called “RefresHer Life – Leap into a Life You Love: Discover the Unexpected Pathway to Joy, Abundance & Freedom”

In this webinar we will explore:

• The truth about the life you crave.

• A simple, yet powerful model for discovering where you at on the journey to joy.

•The secret strategies of being a joy junkie.

• The anatomy of leaps of faith and how you can use it to transform your life.

This master class is for heart-driven and faith led entrepreneurs and professionals who want to not just survive through life, but THRIVE in life. To find the latest webinar opportunities and sign up go to:

Join us for our 2 1/2 day RefresHer Retreat in June where you will explore how to CREATE the life you crave.

  • Cultivate joy-filled experiences
  • Recognize  your soul’s calling
  • Explore your joy style
  • Attract and manifest abundance
  • Take time to nurture yourself
  • Express your life legacy

The RefresHer Retreat creates a space that allows you to BREATHE, to BE and to BECOME the person who gets out of bed everyday and truly loves their life.

To reserve your seat today at one of these amazing retreats go to: 

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